About me

My name is Ruben Delgado, I am currently a student at L.G. Pinkston
. I enjoy sports like soccer or football, but I also like to try new ones. In the future I would like to become a Dentist and also get a minor on culinary arts because I find those two things interesting. There are other careers that interest me but these are the ones that interest me the most. Sports are one of my favorite things to do. They are always fun to play, and are also a good way to stay in shape, I like watching them, but I rather play them. I mostly play soccer, and my favorite teams are Mexico, and Barcelona. I love to listen to music, it's so relaxing and good. Listen to mostly rap and rock, but I am also open to any types of music that other people might introduce me to. I also fund dubstep good because of the different beats that it has.